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An island getaway, mountaintop retreat, or metropolitan odyssey: whatever you want from your next vacation you can get, using the Travel Web Guide as your planning and booking companion. This Guide provides top-notch destination information, expert reviews, and access to competitively priced vacation packages next to convenient tools for booking all phases of your trip. Need a hostel in Kuala Lumpur? A spot on a Serengeti safari? A plane ticket to Iceland? Become your own travel agent; let the findingDulcinea Travel Web Guide show you how.

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Where to Stay

Where you choose to spend your nights can be the most important part of your vacation. Whether you're looking for a room in the Ritz, a night on a ranch, or breakfast in bed, the Web has all the resources you need to make locating and booking quality accommodations a seamless process.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Community travel sites have unbiased hotel reviews for a level of insight that standard guides and hotel advertisements don't reach.
  • Niche accommodations like B&B's, hostels, and luxury hotels are poorly covered (if at all) by the big booking agents. Check out individualized search and booking resources instead.
  • No single Web site will always offer the best deal. To find the perfect room at the perfect price, have patience and shop around!
  • When checking out of a foreign hotel you may be asked if you'd like to pay in your native currency. Resist the urge, because the conversion rate at the hotel desk is generally much less favorable than at an ATM.

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