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Web Technology Information: A Primer

Would you like to use Web innovations such as podcasts and wikis, but aren't sure how? Find out with the Web Technology Information Web Guide. You'll discover that the Web is filled with instruction manuals to get you going with plug-ins, RSS, mpegs, mp3s, Web 2.0, YouTube and more. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.

Web Technology Basics

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News Aggregators and RSS Feeds

Keeping up to date with your favorite Web sites doesn't need to be an exercise in persistence. ... read more »


A wiki is a community-produced and edited document. Wikis are collaborative ... read more »


Though it's most famous for its illegal uses, there is nothing inherently illegal about ... read more »

Online Media Players

Audio and video can be delivered in numerous formats using many different online media players.

Insights for Online Media Players

  • The type of portable digital media player you have, such as an iPod, determines the file format you need.This article from The New York Times illustrates the dilemma facing many digital media consumers.
  • Most media players function as plug-ins, meaning that they work with your Web browser to seamlessly display video from other Web sites. Most Web browsers automatically seek out and download the correct player for a file if you don't already have it. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to get familiar with the different formats and players.

Top Sites for Online Media Players

To understand the different file formats ...
For the major online media players ...
For inline/online/embedded ...
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Podcasts and Vodcasts

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