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Social Networking: Cast Your Social Net on the Web

You’ve undoubtedly heard the names Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster thrown around in recent years. These sites are examples of online social networks, and are a tiny fraction of the number of similar sites taking root on the Web. We're all familiar with social networks offline; they could be one’s professional contacts, college friends, or family members. Online social networks take this idea of connecting with others and make it digital. Whether it’s for fun, business, romance, or any other reason, more and more people are interacting over the Net. To learn more about this phenomenon, and to do some networking of your own, use the resources provided in this guide. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.

Basics of Social Networking

Joining an online social network is pretty simple. In general, you’ll go to the site, create ... read more »

Choosing a Social Network

There are many ways to get involved in the social Web. With so many sites out there, the hardest ... read more »

Social Networking Safety Tips

Anytime you put personal information into the public domain you run the risk of that personal ... read more »

The Latest Social Networking News

When a new site strikes gold with an idea, waves of imitators and innovators follow with hopes of making a stake of the fortune. Social networking is no exception. Although still a fairly young industry, the face of social networking is constantly changing, with new sites cropping up all over the Web. To keep up, all you have to do is a little surfing.

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  • Bloggers play a large role in evaluating, recommending, and circulating news about social networking (including new developments on older sites as well as the emergence of newer sites). Finding a blog or blogger that you like to read can be a great way to stay up to date with social networking developments. For more information to help you discover a new blog, see our findingDulcinea Blogs Web Guide.
  • Lots of social networks have started integrating "news feeds" into the sites so that you know exactly what your online friends are up to in their daily lives. One social network, Twitter, has only one purpose: to let users answer the question, “What are you up to?” With Twitter, you can let your friends know what you’re doing, in real time, whether it’s studying, sleeping, using the bathroom, or any other mundane daily activity.
One trend in social networking is to combine your online and offline activity by taking social networks to your mobile phone: mobile phone alert features are integrated into the online community. Sites such as and Going let you take your network with you (via your phone) and contact other users who are out on the town, via text message.
See our findingDulcinea Technology Web Guide (and check out the “What’s happening in technology today?” section) to get more sources for Web and technology news.

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