Secure and Responsible File Sharing

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Secure and Responsible File Sharing

File-sharing technology (or peer-to-peer technology), first made popular by programs such as Napster and LimeWire, allows users to share all types of files by connecting their computers using the Internet and networking software. Although sharing can give you access to a wealth of information, one should be aware of its many drawbacks and the ways to avoid them.

Secure and Responsible File-Sharing Resources

Insights for Safe File Sharing

  • Don't be scared away from joining a file-sharing network—there are many legitimate and legal uses for them. Do be wary, though; it is easy to find yourself breaking the law unaware with this powerful technology. Take a look at the sites in this section to learn more about how you can avoid any legal complications.
  • There is no way for authorities, hackers and other users to tell who out of your family and friends is using your computer. Responsibility ultimately lies with you, so be clear to all who use your computer about what is acceptable behavior and usage.

Top Sites for Safe File Sharing

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