The Switch from Analog to Digital TV


Digital TV Broadcasting

By now you’ve probably heard that TV broadcasting will switch over to digital (DTV) on February 17, 2009. You’ve probably also heard Cassandra-like warnings about everything you’ll need to be prepared for this event. The great likelihood, however, is that you won’t need anything, and that if you do, the effort and cost on your part will be minimal. With the help of a few Web resources, you can find out what, if anything, you need to be prepared.

The Switch from Analog to Digital TV

A lot of articles, blogs and online pundits have given out some alarming misinformation, whether due to the need to muckrake or sensationalize an issue, or due to simple lack of knowledge. Remember Y2K? There were a lot of pronouncements of gloom and doom and in the end, nothing serious happened. Now as then, it’s best to consult the authorities for information on what to do.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • The move away from analog broadcasting is a government-mandated program. No matter what analysts, pundits and electronics store salespeople have to say, the Feds have the final word on what you have to do, and are providing consumer-friendly information and subsidies.
  • The broadcast industry has a lot to say about the benefits of DTV. Bear in mind that their primary message will be rah-rah-rah, but their advice on what to do may be well taken.
  • Don’t accept the word of one single source, particularly in blogs, without feedback. Look to see if there are updates, corrections or clarifications after the original post or article was placed online.
  • Make sure the Web sites you visit are up to date. For example, some may tell you that converter boxes are not yet available, though several models have been available since February 2008.

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