Given its many benefits, it's no wonder that the 5,000-year-old practice of yoga has boomed in modern times. You don't have to travel to India, yoga's birthplace, to learn how yoga works to purify the mind and body. The Web boasts diverse resources for yoga that run the gamut, from where to find trend-worthy yoga clothing to excerpts from ancient philosophical texts.

Yoga Basics

Aside from taking a class from a qualified teacher, the best way for someone with a sincere ... read more »

History and Types of Yoga

While the variety of yoga being taught is as diverse as the community of yoga students, most asana ... read more »

Yoga Instruction

Good yoga teachers are not only skilled in yoga, they also possess clear communication skills and a ... read more »

Yoga Retreats and Conferences

Taking a yoga vacation or retreat is a great way to enhance your yoga studies and strengthen your ... read more »

Yoga Gear

Yoga is one of the least gear-heavy physical activities. A good mat and comfortable clothing are ... read more »

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