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Weight Training

Scientific research and health experts suggest that regular strength training should be part of a well-rounded fitness regime. Resistance training—particularly weight lifting—helps increase bone density, build muscle mass and develop overall strength. If you're looking for weight lifting information, the Web is a great place to find tutorials, advice and resources.

Weight Training Basics

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Strength Training Routines

Many Web sites offer photos and videos of professionals as they execute various weight lifting ... read more »

Types of Strength Training

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Weight Lifting for Specific Individuals

Weight lifting can be a very audience-specific activity. Women, for example, often have different ... read more »

Online Communities for Weight Lifters

Like most sports, weight lifting has its share of serious enthusiasts who meet and chat online. ... read more »

Bodybuilding Competitions

Bodybuilding competitions are fairly common, and are generally funded by bodybuilding organizations and associations. Weight lifting contests almost always focus on strength, such as Olympic weight lifting and powerlifting competitions. Visit the sites below to find out about contests, and to get advice on starting and advancing a competitive bodybuilding or weight lifting career.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Some of these sites offer results from previous contests, including stats and pictures. Look for a link labeled "competition results" or "photo gallery."
  • Bodybuilding and weight lifting organizations often run separate competitions for men and women, so don't dismiss a contest simply because it looks open to only one gender. If you dig a little deeper, you may find news about competitions for the opposite sex, too.

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