Weight Training


Weight Training

Scientific research and health experts suggest that regular strength training should be part of a well-rounded fitness regime. Resistance training—particularly weight lifting—helps increase bone density, build muscle mass and develop overall strength. If you're looking for weight lifting information, the Web is a great place to find tutorials, advice and resources.

Weight Training Basics

A wide variety of articles about strength training are available online. The most useful resources ... read more »

Strength Training Routines

Many Web sites offer photos and videos of professionals as they execute various weight lifting ... read more »

Types of Strength Training

Although most people think of "pumping iron" with barbells and dumbbells, when it comes ... read more »

Weight Lifting for Specific Individuals

Weight lifting can be a very audience-specific activity. Women, for example, often have different ... read more »

Online Communities for Weight Lifters

Like most sports, weight lifting has its share of serious enthusiasts who meet and chat online. ... read more »

Bodybuilding Competitions

Bodybuilding competitions are fairly common, and are generally funded by bodybuilding organizations ... read more »

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