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Triathlon: From a Sprint to the Ironman

The triathlon was invented in the 1970s by the San Diego Track Club as a form of cross-training for marathons and 10K races. Now, it's both an official Olympic event and a popular competition for lay-athletes seeking a challenge. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you'll find excellent Web sources for competition, training, tips and more in the guide below.

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Buying Triathlon Gear

Grappling with the gear required of a triathlete can be daunting. There are options for clothing, but all athletes probably will require bike and running shoes, nutrient-dense edible gels, bike tubes, swim caps and goggles, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other body products you didn't know you were missing. You'll find them all on the sites below.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Free shipping is rare among online triathlon retail outlets. Many have price-matching and 30-day return policies.
  • Gear needs are not universal. Not all open-water swimmers need a wetsuit-it depends on race distance and duration, water temperature, athletic experience, etc. First-time triathletes also might opt to skip cycling shoes to cut down on transition time between the biking and running segments of the race. Some sites give shoppers points to consider when making the choice.
  • Many sites sell obscure, sport-specific brands; a few also offer products from widely known labels. Typically, shoppers select their sport (swimming, cycling, or running) then narrow choices by apparel or gear needs, and then choose a brand. Some sites also have sections separated for gender-specific wares.
  • Buying gear can get expensive and confusing; fortunately, most sites listed below have clearance sections, and some have customer-generated product reviews that can offset costs and help guide purchases.
  • If you're truly lost, try this FAQ page from Houston Racing. About halfway down the page you'll find an equipment checklist.

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