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Once a simple medieval pastime called jeu de paume, involving a ball and the palm of one's hand, tennis has evolved into one of the most physically challenging sports, not to mention an immensely popular event for spectators around the world. Whether you are a parent looking to help your child start playing, a sofa spectator looking to learn more about your favorite professional players, or a college student looking to test your game in some stiffer competition, the Web provides a multitude of sites catering to every breed of tennis enthusiast.

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Attend a Professional Tennis Tournament

The WTA and ATP tours participate in dozens of tournaments a year, many of which serve as entertaining and affordable alternatives to the Grand Slams. In this section we'll give you the tools to find the tournaments you might be interested in and show you how to get seats.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Though auction sites and general ticket sites like Ticketmaster and TickCo  are viable options for tennis tickets, many tournaments' official Web sites provide clear guidelines about how to purchase tickets, travel packages, and corporate deals.
  • Before you buy, consult with the official site of a tournament, which will tell you which ticket sellers (apart from itself) are reputable and legitimate. Buying tickets from general ticketing Web sites or agents can be risky, especially for foreign tournaments.
  • Popular tournaments sell out fast but you can often find tickets still available on general ticketing sites like eBay and StubHub. Assess the validity of the ticket by exploring the profile of the seller, including ratings and user comments.
  • If it's a smaller tournament you're interested in, check the Tennis Channel's calendar to find dates and links to tournament homepages.
  • Explore the major airline and travel agencies of a country to see what options are available. For instance, Australia's Qantas Airlines provides package deals to the Australian Open via this link.

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