There is a type of swimming for everyone: from recreational laps to competitive swimming; from the calm of the public pool to the chaos of the open water. Whether you're an experienced swimmer looking for the most in-depth information on swimming techniques and swim news, or are a novice wanting to improve your stroke, the Web has a site for you.

History of Swimming

The British-born sport of swimming became competitive in the mid-1800s and was part of the first ... read more »

Where to Swim

Whether you're looking to swim competitively or just want some exercise, you'll need to find a ... read more »

Swimming Organizations

Swimming is an international sport, with competitions held all over the world. Learn about these ... read more »

Swimming News

Once every four years, competitive swimming gains international attention during the Summer ... read more »


Whether you're looking for the latest in swimwear technology, or just want a regular bathing suit and goggles, these sites can help you find all types of swimwear and swimming gear. 

Dulcinea's Insight

  •  Many retailers listed here offer free shipping for orders costlier than $75-a suit, cap, and goggles will usually get you there. Most places offer 30- to 60-day return policies on unworn suits.
  • Most online retailers offer a "Grab bag," which contains older models of swimwear at a steeply discounted price. You are able to choose your size and product type, but not the manufacturers, models, or colors. Grab bags are a good option for recreational swimmers or competitive swimmers looking for extra training gear.
  • For user-submitted product reviews, look under the product descriptions at SwimOutlet and TriSports.
  • Many of the larger manufacturers have their own sites, including Speedo, TYR, and Nike.
  • Many of these sites also cater to divers, water polo players, and lifeguards.

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Swimming Technique

Whether you're a recreational or competitive swimmer, it's important to learn proper swimming ... read more »

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