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There is a type of swimming for everyone: from recreational laps to competitive swimming; from the calm of the public pool to the chaos of the open water. Whether you're an experienced swimmer looking for the most in-depth information on swimming techniques and swim news, or are a novice wanting to improve your stroke, the Web has a site for you.

History of Swimming

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Where to Swim

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Swimming Organizations

Swimming is an international sport, with competitions held all over the world. Learn about these ... read more »

Swimming News

Once every four years, competitive swimming gains international attention during the Summer Olympics. In the years between, however, swimming is given little coverage by mainstream media. For frequently updated, comprehensive swimming news, it's best to seek out specialty sites.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • For Olympic coverage, check out large sports outlets like ESPN.com, SportsIllustrated.com, and Yahoo in addition to the sites listed below. A complete list of large sport outlets can be found on the findingDulcinea Sports Guide.
  • If you are trying to compare times among long-course meters, short-course meters, and short-course yard races, try the "Swimming Time Conversion Tool" from the Huntsville Swim Association.

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Swimming Technique

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