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Squash is a racquet sport that requires great skill and stamina, with a soft ball that favors finesse over power. It is played all over the world by elite players in circuit tournaments and by recreational players looking for a fun workout. This Web guide gives you an overview of the sport’s rules and history, shows you where to find coverage of professional squash and helps you become a player (or a better player) yourself.

Rules and History of Squash

The name “squash” derives from its soft ball that squashes when it hits the wall, ... read more »

Squash Organizations and Competitions

Squash is played competitively around the world, both in international competitions and on ... read more »

Squash News, Analysis and Statistics

Here we spotlight the best places on the Web for coverage of competitive squash and opinions on the state of the game, including respected Web sites, blogs and magazines.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • News and statistics for a particular competition are best found on its official Web site; look for these sites in the “Squash Organizations and Competitions” section.

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Learn and Improve at Squash

Success at squash requires finesse, proper technique and shrewd tactical play. This section ... read more »

Buying Squash Equipment

Squash players need a racquet they feel comfortable with, as well as balls, nonscuffing shoes and ... read more »

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