AP Photo/Paul White
USA's Jozy Altidore goes to score a goal as he is challenged by Spain's Carlos Puyol, right, during
their Confederations Cup semifinal soccer match in Bloemfontein, South Africa, June 24, 2009.

Soccer: The World's Sport on the Web

The sport of soccer, known as football in most other countries, has earned its title as "the world's sport" for obvious reasons. Although Major League Soccer (MLS) is still trying to build soccer's popularity in the United States, the enthusiasm and intensity surrounding the sport is the most widespread in the world. Whether you want to see what the fuss is about, are a confused soccer parent, or just can't get enough of the sport, this guide takes you to the Web's best soccer sites. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.

Rules and History of Soccer

It's always helpful to know what you're watching before you watch it. This section sorts out all of ... read more »

Soccer Leagues and Organizations

As the world's game, soccer has many competitions played all over the globe. It can be tricky to ... read more »

Soccer Statistics

With the abundance of league, cup, and international competitions, it can be difficult to keep up ... read more »

News and Analysis of Soccer

Soccer evokes a high level of passion among its fans and followers. Hear what people have to say in ... read more »

Radio and Television Coverage of Soccer

There isn't a lot of soccer being broadcast in the United States but the Internet makes it simple ... read more »

Buying Soccer Tickets

The best way to truly appreciate a soccer game is from the stands, singing and cheering alongside ... read more »

How to Improve at Soccer

Although it might not seem that staring at your computer screen could transform you into a better ... read more »

Buying Soccer Equipment and Apparel

There are many soccer-specific online retailers carrying all of the products you want to show your ... read more »

Where to Play Soccer

As a team sport, soccer requires the participation of several different people. Whether you're a ... read more »

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