Becoming a Better Skier or Snowboarder


Skiing and Snowboarding: It’s all Downhill from Here

Sport. Recreation. Transportation. Skiing and snowboarding are all these things. Skiing’s history can be traced back to more than 4,000 years ago, and snowboarding about 40 years. These wintry pastimes offer both beginner fun and the satisfaction of a lifetime of improvement and achievement.

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Skiing News and and Analysis

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Becoming a Better Skier or Snowboarder

Even if you are only able to hit the slopes a few times each year, you don’t have to sit around and let your skills deteriorate during the downtime. There are plenty of ski and snowboard tips on the Internet that can keep you on the upslope of the learning curve.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Although there are good resources online to introduce you to the sports of skiing and snowboarding, no amount of time online can replace solid mountain experience, and the eye of an attentive instructor. Just about every mountain and resort has professional instructors who can help you improve no matter what your level. Newbies especially should consider a private or group lesson before making that first solo run down the mountain.
  • You’ll find a great deal of videos and “tutorials” online but please place these in context. No matter how nonchalant the trickster may seem, she most likely invested years in preparation and training, something you should do before attempting that trick yourself.

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