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Scuba Diving

The little mermaid wanted nothing more than to become human, but for us lifelong landlubbers, the idea of breathing underwater is equally alluring—and challenging. This guide shows you where to get certification, find a place to dive, get the best deals on equipment and connect with the scuba diving community.

Scuba Diving Certification

There’s a lot to know about diving, and following the rules can sometimes mean the difference ... read more »

Where to Scuba Dive

There’s nothing stopping you from diving in a nearby river or lake, but if you’re looking for something a bit more interesting, you’ll want to explore the world’s reefs, ship wrecks or caves. This section points you toward the world’s most exotic and intriguing dive spots.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • The Scuba Guide offers basic guidelines for choosing a dive shop when you’re traveling. If you’re interested in local diving, use a directory to find a dive shop in your area. In all likelihood, they plan local excursions.
  • Most scuba diving Web sites, especially those of magazines, gear sites or community pages, advertise travel deals, promote dive shops and recommend locations.

Dulcinea's Picks

For advice on choosing a travel destination  …
For a directory of dive shops near you …
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Scuba Diving Vacations

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Scuba Diving News

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Buying Scuba Equipment

“Scuba” is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, so it follows ... read more »

Scuba Diving Forums and Communities

Unless you live on the Great Barrier Reef, you probably can’t chat about diving with your ... read more »

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