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According to legend, rugby originated when a student at England’s Rugby School picked up the ball during a soccer game and began running with it. In doing so, William Webb Ellis created a sport that combines speed and skill with strength and toughness. Its fast-paced and ferocious nature has made it popular around the world, and the last three world champions have come from three different continents. This Web guide includes Web sites that can teach you the rules, history, and skills required to play the game and help you follow the world of competitive rugby.

Rules and History of Rugby

Rugby began with one player playing by his own rules. Today, the international rulebook has almost ... read more »

Rugby Associations, Tournaments, Leagues, and Teams

Rugby competitions take many different forms, including amateur contests, international ... read more »

News and Analysis of Rugby

With competitions being played regularly in both hemispheres, you need to find sources from around ... read more »

Rugby Statistics

If you’re looking to see how your favorite teams or players are doing this season or have ... read more »

Playing Rugby

Whether you’re a hooker looking to improve your scrummaging or a fly-half looking to improve ... read more »

Rugby Equipment and Apparel

Rugby may be famous for its relative lack of equipment, but there is still a lot needed to play. ... read more »

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