Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing: Hit Your Peak Online

Once relegated to the obscure bastion of an extreme sport, rock climbing has become so popular that you'll now find men, women, and children of all ages and levels of fitness at the gym or out on the rock, alongside lithe and limber experts. Advances in equipment, safety, and instruction have opened up the world of climbing to just about anyone. With the help of the Internet, you can begin to learn about, or perfect, your climbing experience right from your own home.

Rock Climbing Sites, Magazines, and General Information

Climbing is varied and multifaceted, and trying to get an understanding of what it is can be a bit ... read more »

Basics of Rock Climbing: Instruction, Gyms, and Communities

The first thing you'll need to figure out is where to climb. One of the best places to start is ... read more »

Buying Rock Climbing Equipment

Climbing equipment sites make it easier than ever to shop for gear online by collecting different ... read more »

Improving Your Climbing Technique

After mastering the basics, you're bound to start wondering how you can better your climbing. Learn ... read more »

Where to Climb: Climbing Maps, Tips, and Tricks

Look at a geographical feature map of the United States and it will become apparent that there are ... read more »

Climbing Stories and Interviews with Rock Climbers

Sure, folks are doing things out there on the rock that only contortionists or Olympic athletes ... read more »

Rock Climbing Organizations and Governing Bodies

Regulatory and developmental bodies are a fairly recent phenomenon for the field of climbing, but ... read more »

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