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The world is watching as the stage is being set for the summer 2008 Olympics. Beijing, one of China’s oldest and most celebrated cities, is hosting the 2008 Games. This millennia-old tradition, featuring over 300 events, undoubtedly raises a lot of questions. Here you can find anything you need to know in order to follow the 2008 Beijing Olympics online.

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Beijing Olympics Blogs & Forums

The Beijing Olympics is a worldwide event, and the Web can help you participate in a spirited global discussion of the Games by way of blogs and forums. Visit the sites below to question other fans, tell them what you think and absorb what they have to say about the Olympics.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Read several of a blogger’s posts and his or her bio to get a better sense of their personality and credibility. You’ll likely engage in more worthwhile discussions this way.
  • The Beijing Games are an opportunity to learn more about the host country, so a few of the blogs we’ve selected focus on Beijing or China rather than the Olympics specifically. They provide useful cultural information and insights.
  • The IOC has decided to allow athletes to blog from the Olympic Games in Beijing, as long as restrictions are followed. The issue was largely debated because the organization fears a reality-show atmosphere resulting from blogs. These athlete blogs will provide coverage from a unique angle. The BBC discussed the issue in February 2008.
  • To find more Olympics-focused blogs, try a blog search engine like Technorati or BlogPulse. You can search using specific words and phrases, such as “Olympic Games + Judo,” and you can search for full blogs or blog posts.

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