Beijing Olympics 2008 Coverage


Beijing Olympics 2008

The world is watching as the stage is being set for the summer 2008 Olympics. Beijing, one of China’s oldest and most celebrated cities, is hosting the 2008 Games. This millennia-old tradition, featuring over 300 events, undoubtedly raises a lot of questions. Here you can find anything you need to know in order to follow the 2008 Beijing Olympics online.

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Beijing Olympics 2008 Coverage

In this section are sites offering the most comprehensive coverage of the Beijing Games, including official organizations, credible publications and sports networks. By the opening ceremony, you’ll be well-versed in current and archived Olympic news.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • In the United States, NBC and USA are the only licensed television networks to be covering the Beijing Games. NBC will be streaming many segments of Beijing events live on and will keep these high-quality videos on the site throughout the Games.
  • For breaking Olympic news, television networks on the Web such as NBC and ESPN often utilize material from outside sources like the Associated Press. More detailed stories and interviews are usually conducted by the network staff.

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