Planning a Trip to the See the Olympics


The Olympic Games

Sports enthusiast or not, you’re likely to feel something special in the air when the Olympic Games roll around. Whether you prefer to sit back on the couch and watch runners whiz around the track on TV or you feel compelled to see it all live, the Web sites we’ve collected will help you plan your Olympic experience.

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History of the Olympics

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Lists and Rules of Olympic sports

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News Coverage of the Olympic Games

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Blogs and Forums for Olympic Fans

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Planning a Trip to the See the Olympics

Live athletic competition is thrilling, and the Olympics are no exception. On the Web, you can plan a trip to Beijing for the 2008 Summer Games or even get an early start planning for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. You’ll learn how to purchase tickets, and discover alternative ways to attend the festivities such as volunteering.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • A live sale of remaining Olympics tickets began in October on a first-come, first-serve basis. For further clarification, see the FAQ page provided by CoSport, the official site for Olympic ticket and accommodation sales in the United States.
  • Consider packages that include tickets and accommodation; some even provide meals, transportation to events, and tours of Beijing. The sites below present some options to help you find a plan suiting your needs.
  • Other ways to attend the Games include volunteering and participating in the torch relay, both of which are typically difficult gigs to get if you’re not a resident of the host country. Getting a job with the torch relay in particular is quite competitive; you’ll have to go through a strict nomination and selection process. See the official torch site for further information.

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