Mixed Martial Arts


Mixed Martial Arts: These Web Sites Will Knock You Out

Bruce Lee played around with the idea of mixed martial arts (MMA) and fused elements of kung fu, street fighting, and American boxing to create his own style, called Jeet Kune Do. MMA has skyrocketed in popularity since then, and the more recent success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has spurred the formation of a number of different MMA leagues. As a result, the Internet is sprawling with MMA Web sites for news, commentary, blogs, forums, and equipment. This guide helps you make sense of it all and highlights the sport’s best online resources.

Rules and History of Mixed Martial Arts

Although the idea of MMA is not new, the popularity of the sport is certainly a recent phenomenon. ... read more »

Mixed Martial Arts Competitions

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the king when it comes to MMA leagues, especially after it ... read more »

News, Analysis, and Statistics for Mixed Martial Arts

With all the leagues and tournaments in existence today, it can be difficult to keep up with ... read more »

Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts

With the rise of MMA’s popularity, fantasy MMA was sure to follow. Though fantasy MMA is ... read more »

Practicing Mixed Martial Arts

Do you have the urge to fight in an octagon with few rules and lots of painful submission moves? ... read more »

Buying Mixed Martial Arts Equipment and Memorabilia

Technically, all you need for MMA is your body. But if you want the learning curve to be a little ... read more »

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