Once a niche sport played primarily on reservations and east coast prep schools, lacrosse has enjoyed a recent surge of popularity that has launched it into the American sports consciousness. Many kids who would have once played baseball or soccer are now choosing to play lacrosse, and professional and collegiate games have gained a large following. The Web has a wealth of information that will help the unacquainted discover the game and the informed attain a deeper understanding of the game.

Rules and History of Lacrosse

Early lacrosse games were played over miles of land, lasted for days, and resembled a battle more ... read more »

Lacrosse Leagues and Organizations

There are two major professional lacrosse leagues, one for field lacrosse and one for box lacrosse, ... read more »

News and Analysis of Lacrosse

Even with Lacrosse's increased popularity, it still ranks far behind sports like baseball, football ... read more »

Lacrosse Statistics

Statistics help you identify the game's best players and gain a deeper understanding of the game. ... read more »

Fantasy Lacrosse

It's easy to find fantasy football, but what about fantasy lacrosse? We've found fantasy leagues ... read more »

Playing Lacrosse

As a relatively new game in the American sporting landscape, lacrosse has players, parents, and ... read more »

Lacrosse Equipment

Whether beginner or veteran, child or adult, all lacrosse players need sticks to score goals or ... read more »

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