The Hunting community has branched out from the woods to the World Wide Web: hunting resources available online are vast and thorough. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter, these Web sites help you get licensed in any U.S. state, determine what kinds of game to hunt, and expand your knowledge of weaponry and available outfits.

General Resources on Hunting

Although lots of Web sites deal with specific forms or elements of hunting, there are a few notable ... read more »

Hunting Training and Licenses

Because hunting can be such a dangerous sport, it’s essential to be mindful of safety issues. ... read more »

The Ethics of Hunting

Being aware of hunting ethics and the principles of fair chase help you hunt responsibly even in ... read more »

Places to Hunt

Whether you’re looking for something local and low key or are ready to spend a lot of money ... read more »

Different Kinds of Hunting

Because a deer hunter has different needs from a foxhunter, this section suggests Web sites that ... read more »


With the rise of new efficient technology, bowhunting has become increasingly popular. ... read more »

Hunting News and Opinions

Like any sport, hunting has a community of fans and enthusiasts. Hunting is unique, however, in ... read more »

Resources for Female Hunters

Hunting is a sport most often associated with men but because of the growing number of female ... read more »

Resources for Hunters With Disabilities

As the hunting world expands, so do resources available for hunters with physical handicaps. These ... read more »

Preserving Wildlife as a Hunter

Preserving wildlife is an essential element of perpetuating hunting culture. As hunters we have to ... read more »

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