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Horse Racing: The Sport of Kings

Most horse races last about two minutes, but horse racing fans will tell you there’s more excitement in those two minutes than in an entire football or baseball game. This Web guide explains how horse racing has evolved to its current form, directs you to the best news and handicapping sources, shows you how and where you can wager, and helps you become involved in the sport.

History and Types of Horse Racing

Horse racing dates back to 4500 B.C.; today, it is one of the most ubiquitous sports, contested on ... read more »

Basics of Thoroughbred Horse Racing

This section helps you understand the different types of horses and races, and teaches you ... read more »

Horse Racing Associations, Tracks and Famous Races

Professional horse races are operated by track owners under the observation of national ... read more »

Horse Racing News and Handicapping Information

This section features the best sources for news on racing and breeding, as well as valuable handicapping information.

Insights for Horse Racing News and Handicapping Information

  • The following sites all focus exclusively on horse racing. You can also find horse racing sections on the do-it-all sports sites found in the findingDulcinea Sports Web Guide.
  • Serious horse racing bettors make their selections by analyzing data about the previous races run by each horse; this trove of data, known as “past performances,” is most definitely indicative of future performance.

Top Sites for Horse Racing News and Handicapping Information

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Betting on Horse Racing

This section teaches you how to handicap and shows you the best Web sites to place online bets. read more »

Buying a Racehorse

Many premier horses are owned by wealthy breeders who have been in the game for decades. But just ... read more »

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