Although the popular notion is that the game of golf originated in Scotland in the mid-1400s, the truth is, no one really knows. Various forms of the sport have been played in England, France, Holland, Belgium, and even China. As other sports have promoted personalities, golf has steadfastly maintained its sense of decorum and tradition, rewarding only those who prove their mettle on the course. However, golf's love of tradition hasn't prevented it from establishing a strong Web presence in the 21st century. Whether you're just beginning or have already let golf take over your life, you'll find plenty of resources that can help you to brush up on the rules, obsess over tournaments, or improve your game.

History and Rules of Golf

Golf is a simple game; the goal is to put the tiny white ball into the small hole in the ground ... read more »

Professional Golf Tours

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News and Analysis of Professional Golf

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Golf Podcasts and Radio Shows

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Fantasy Golf

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Improving Your Golf Game

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Buying Golf Equipment and Apparel

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