How to Host a Super Bowl Party


Watching the Super Bowl: Planning your Celebration

You can’t control who wins or loses, but you can control how and where you watch the game. We’ve collected the best Web sites to help you throw a Super Bowl party, and all the information you’ll need about scoring the right TV for the game, too.

TVs for the Super Bowl

If you want to save your nail-biting a last second field goal, consider purchasing a TV that won't ... read more »

How to Host a Super Bowl Party

Now that you've got a perfect TV, you'll need to invite your guests, do a little decorating and put together a spread that will keep them all happy while they watch the game—and the commercials.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • For advice on general party planning, including how to send out invitations, decorate your house and entertain, see our Web Guide to Hosting a Party. Do your shopping early: Super Bowl-themed items and foods will sell out fast.
  • If you decide to serve food at a separate buffet table, make sure it's one that still provides a clear line of vision to the television set so that your guests can get refills without missing any of the action.
  • Use breaks in the game to serve new items or clear others away, but follow the advice of chef Todd English: "Don't overwhelm your guests with too much structure. Remember, you're not the star of the show, the game is."

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