TVs for the Super Bowl


Watching the Super Bowl: Planning your Celebration

You can’t control who wins or loses, but you can control how and where you watch the game. We’ve collected the best Web sites to help you throw a Super Bowl party, and all the information you’ll need about scoring the right TV for the game, too.

TVs for the Super Bowl

If you want to save your nail-biting a last second field goal, consider purchasing a TV that won't leave you wondering whether that thing on the field is a yellow flag or stray cup of Gatorade.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you're expecting a big crowd, you'll need to consider viewing angle. Some types of TVs can be seen just as well from anywhere in the room, but others provide a drastically diminished picture for those sitting off to the side. Make use of tools like the Television Buying Guide at CNET and the other background information readily available at the Web sites of major electronics retailers to educate yourself before you buy anything.
  • Once you have a pretty good idea of what you're looking for, don't forget to check out the Web site of any warehouse store or wholesale club where you're a member (Costco, BJ's, Sam's Club, etc.). They typically carry limited selections but can be hard to beat on price.

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