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When Bradbury Robinson of St. Louis University threw an oval-shaped ball to teammate Jack Schneider in 1906, he not only completed the first forward pass in history, he created an American sensation. A century later, football is the largest spectator sport in the United States, with the Super Bowl drawing in excess of 90 million television viewers annually. As one would expect, there are quality football Web sites in every nook of cyberspace, offering everything from rules and regulations to team and player information for nearly every conceivable level of competition. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.

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NFL Video, Audio and Podcasts

At one time, free NFL audio/video game feeds were plentiful; now, they're about as common as "free" music from Napster. offers a premium package, as do some of the other major network sites, but for those with tighter budgets, your best bet will be some of the graphical play-by-play scoreboards that simulate game action in near real time. Use this section to learn about how to watch and listen to football action.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • The NFL Field Pass, which offers the radio broadcasts for all 32 NFL teams, is relatively inexpensive but make sure your computer is up to snuff before you part with your hard-earned dough or ill-gotten booty. The various system requirements can be found in the Field Pass Q & A section.
  • Make sure, if you do opt to buy a video or audio package, that you stay active at your keyboard or adjust the time of your computer's "sleep" mode to account for longer down times. This will prevent a potential "Heidi Bowl" scenario where your computer shuts off in the final, nail-biting moments of a ballgame.
  • Podcasts tend to come and go faster than Ryan Leaf's career in the NFL, so try not to get too attached. On the other hand, the "podplosion" that occurred a few years ago caused many major media sites to join the pod parade, which has led to some truly outstanding offerings. ESPN, for example, now has a great catalog of free audio content.
  • When perusing podcast directories, like, the sports sections of, or, be aware that most of them use listener votes as the prime criterion in assessing a podcast's popularity, a system that is easily manipulated. Hence, you will often see "popular" shows that haven't released new content in months or even years.
  • Another option is to find the flagship radio station for the team in question and visit that station's Web site to learn if they offer live streaming audio.

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