Whether you are an experienced fisherman, or are just starting to get your feet wet, this guide will serve you. Inform yourself on essentials like obtaining your fishing or boating license, predicting weather patterns, identifying fish, and efficiently acquiring the necessary tools and equipment.

General Fishing Information

This guide can help you find Web sites for specific angling forms-like fly and ice fishing-and some ... read more »


"Angling" describes most recreational fishing-it refers to the angle made by a rod and a ... read more »

Fly Fishing

Although fly fishing is a form of angler fishing, the practice has distinct needs. This section can ... read more »

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a unique sport-because of seasonal demands and particular techniques, ice fishermen ... read more »

Buying Fishing Gear

Why wait in line at the store when you could be casting your line at the shore? For fishermen who ... read more »

Types of Fish

Maybe you've caught a fish you can't identify. Or maybe you're hoping to catch a species but don't ... read more »

Fishing Tournaments

The Web sites listed below can help you find tournaments and fishing events in most U.S. states. ... read more »

Fishing Conservation Resources

There's no doubt about it: conservation is an essential topic, especially for outdoor sportsmen. ... read more »

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