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Christophe Ena/AP
A spectator with an American flag runs alongside the pack with American seven-time Tour de
France winner Lance Armstrong in fourth position with black helmet, July 21, 2009.


Lycra-clad roadies, bicycle commuters, mountain bikers, weekend warriors: cyclists are a diverse breed. As a result, the Web caters to the needs of each specific group. Whether you’re interested in buying your first bike, looking to enhance your bike repair skills or follow professional cycling, the Cycling Web Guide connects you with the sites you need.

Cycling News, Information and Insight

Want in-depth multimedia coverage of the latest races? Are you on the cusp of a new purchase, and need cycling technology reviews to ensure that you choose the right product? Check out these general information sites for cycling news, information and insight.

Top Sites for Cycling News, Information and Insight

Bicycling Magazine is the world’s premier cycling publication. The site’s strength lies in its diverse, quality content. There are feature articles, bike repair and training tips, gear reviews and best ride lists. This is a good all-around publication for the cycling enthusiast.

Cyclingnews is a Web leader in … cycling news. Professional road, mountain bike, cyclo-cross and track racing are all given in-depth reporting and analysis. For major races you’ll find stage profiles, race reports and summaries, result lists, photos and more. The site also reviews cycling technology.

VeloNews bills itself as “The Journal of Competitive Cycling,” and it’s just that. Beyond professional news, tech articles cover everything from the latest bicycle frames to sunglasses. Training articles are geared toward helping readers improve their individual performances.
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