The World Boxing Association and other governing bodies



To the casual observer, boxing is a simple sport: two competitors standing toe to toe in a ring, exchanging punches. In reality, however, boxing is much more complex, and fighters spend their entire careers mastering the intricacies of this “sweet science.” Fortunately, the Web can make it easy to understand the sport, both inside and outside of the ring. It can teach you the rules of boxing, boxing history, help you follow professional boxing, show you how to learn to box your self, and where to buy boxing equipment.

The history of boxing

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The World Boxing Association and other governing bodies

Boxing has a complicated maze of governing bodies, which can be confusing even to boxing experts. The Web sites in this section aim to teach you what these bodies are, which fights they sanction, and what fighters top their rankings.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Governing bodies sanction bouts and award championship belts.
  • The glut of governing bodies, and their championship belts, is often mentioned as a reason for the decline of professional boxing’s popularity. The “alphabet soup” of these organizations’ initials creates confusion and leads to multiple world champions. Furthermore, belt holders are often required to fight the top contender within the governing body instead of the champion of another governing body. This frustrates many fans because it hinders the search for a true champion and prevents some potentially great fights.
  • There are frequent reports of corruption within governing bodies, which are known to accept bribes and favor one promoter’s fighters over others.
  • For further reading on the issues surrounding boxing’s governing bodies, including the alphabet soup champions, the lack of oversight, and the corruption, see these articles from the New York Times, East Side Boxing, and
  • For a list of governing bodies not listed here, see BoxRec’s Boxing Encyclopedia.
  • Each professional boxing governing body’s Web site has a brief history, fighter rankings, schedule, results, a list of current champions, federation by-laws, and rules and regulations.

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