The history of boxing



To the casual observer, boxing is a simple sport: two competitors standing toe to toe in a ring, exchanging punches. In reality, however, boxing is much more complex, and fighters spend their entire careers mastering the intricacies of this “sweet science.” Fortunately, the Web can make it easy to understand the sport, both inside and outside of the ring. It can teach you the rules of boxing, boxing history, help you follow professional boxing, show you how to learn to box your self, and where to buy boxing equipment.

The history of boxing

The history of boxing traces back to ancient Greece, where it was part of the Olympic games. It experienced a revival of popularity in the 18th century in bare-knuckle form, but it wasn’t until the Marquess of Queensberry published rules in 1867 that boxing took the form we see today. This section shows you the evolution of boxing and introduces some historic events that have greatly affected the boxing world and modern society.

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  • There are distinct differences between professional and amateur boxing, Olympic-style boxing. Professional boxing fights are 6–12 rounds with no headwear, and an emphasis on landing hard, damage-inflicting punches. Amateur boxing features just four rounds, headwear, softer gloves, and more importance on landing short, quick punches to score points. Most amateur bouts are decided by the judge’s scorecards—much more so than professional fights, which often end in knockouts.

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