Basketball: Nothing but the Net

Fans, players, coaches, and parents will find the Web to be an excellent source of basketball information. It has sites covering introductory topics, sites providing exhaustive statistics, resources for keeping on top of the latest scores from the league, and others offering advice on how you can improve your game. The Web will act as not only your personal coach, but as your statistician and commentator as well.

The History of Basketball

The origins of basketball can be traced to 1891 when Springfield, Massachusetts P.E. teacher James ... read more »

The Rules of Basketball

Since James Naismith introduced his original 13 rules, the game of basketball has been evolving, ... read more »

Professional Basketball Leagues and Amateur Organizations

Basketball is truly an international sport. Some of the NBA's top players hail from countries as ... read more »

Basketball Blogs

Sure, watching games and rooting for your team are at the heart of any fan's sporting experience. ... read more »

Basketball Stats

Statistics are an integral part of basketball (as they are for most all sports). Although they ... read more »

Basketball Tickets

The roar of the crowd, the throbbing of their stomps and cheers, the smells of the vendors, and the ... read more »

Watching and Listening to Basketball Games Online

The Web gives you many options for following basketball, even if you live outside your favorite ... read more »

Fantasy Basketball

The Web offers options for both casual and devoted fantasy basketball users, including analysis to ... read more »

Improving your Basketball Skills

If you wish to improve your skills and reach your potential as a player, use one of the many Web ... read more »

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