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Major League Baseball

This guide provides all the information a baseball fan needs to follow their favorite teams, linking to the best sources for news, analysis, statistics, tickets, merchandise and more.

History of Baseball

From the first organized game to the formation of professional leagues to the present day, baseball ... read more »

Major League Baseball Rules

Former MLB umpire Ron Luciano never called a balk because he didn't understand the rule. For an ... read more »

MLB News, Rumors, and Analysis

These sports Web sites feature baseball sections with news, team and player stats, standings, ... read more »

MLB Analysis & Commentary

There are many Web sites dedicated to providing insightful commentary on the action on and off the field.

Insights for MLB Analysis & Commentary

  • Several of the sites below mention “sabermatricians,” referring to analysts who base much of their analysis on statistics. For more on this term and on sabermetrics, see the statistics section of this guide.

Top Sites for MLB Analysis & Commentary

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Major League Baseball Blogs

Find links to the most well-written blogs dedicated to providing interesting commentary on Major ... read more »

Major League Baseball Statistics

More so than any other sport, statistics in baseball play a large role in analyzing players and ... read more »

Major League Baseball Tickets

Tickets to MLB games can be purchased online safely and conveniently. read more »

Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy baseball is the oldest form of fantasy sports, dating back to the Strat-O-Matic games of ... read more »

MLB Apparel and Memorabilia

Whether you want to show your team pride with a cap and jersey, or you want to decorate your office ... read more »

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