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Ticket Buying: Entertainment, Sports, and Movies

We look for everything online, and tickets to events and performances are no exception. Whether you want to see the Super Bowl or Any Given Sunday, if a ticket is required for it, you can buy it online. Below, we’ve recommended the best and most trusted sites for purchasing sports, concert, theater, special events, and movie tickets.

Special Events, Concerts, Theater, and Sports

While camping out overnight to wait for concert tickets can be a unique adventure, there are more ... read more »

Movie Tickets

If you frequent the movies, you’ve seen many ads for telephone and Internet presales of tickets. Below you’ll find our top two choices for movie ticket sites, useful for both buying tickets and finding showtimes.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • When you buy a ticket online, you’re probably going to be charged a small booking fee in addition to the ticket price. Also be sure to note whether you have to print the ticket at home or collect it at the theater.
  • If you’re picking up a ticket at the theater, make sure to bring the credit card you used for the purchase with you to the theater; you’ll need that card to confirm your ID or retrieve tickets from the machine.

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