Special Events, Concerts, Theater, and Sports


Ticket Buying: Entertainment, Sports, and Movies

We look for everything online, and tickets to events and performances are no exception. Whether you want to see the Super Bowl or Any Given Sunday, if a ticket is required for it, you can buy it online. Below, we’ve recommended the best and most trusted sites for purchasing sports, concert, theater, special events, and movie tickets.

Special Events, Concerts, Theater, and Sports

While camping out overnight to wait for concert tickets can be a unique adventure, there are more comfortable alternatives. Tickets for special events, concerts, theater, and sporting events can be purchased online, and the variety of vendors increases your chances of finding what you want. While the two main online box offices are Ticketmaster and Telecharge.com, there are numerous sites for brokers, resale, and discount codes that can help you get the seats you covet.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Note that after an online box office finds tickets for you, you have a limited amount of time to buy them. Look at a map of the venue or call your friend before you search for tickets, so you can make a decision before the purchase window timer expires.
  • USA TODAY briefs you on the latest trends in ticket sales. The article focuses on the way tickets are sold online, and it also sheds light on special packages and VIP passes.

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