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The phrase "everything but the kitchen sink" comes to mind -- you can sell almost anything online, and find tools to help you do it more efficiently. The Web has information about auctions, marketplaces, and classified ads, and resources to help you create a successful Internet storefront. If you're new to online selling, this guide will supply you with enough tips and introductory advice to help you get started.

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Online Auctions

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Classified Ads

If you’re trying to sell an item or service but you don’t have the time or patience for auctions, consider posting a classified ad online. With an Internet classified ad, you’ll reach more potential buyers than you would with a print publication. Better still, most sites are free to use, so you’ll save money in addition to time and paper.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • In addition to specific listing sites recommended here, your local newspaper may have an online version that will post your classified ad.
  • It can be difficult to guess where and how people look for the items they want. If you're not having luck selling an item, you might want to try advertising on more than one site, or listing it under different categories on the same site.

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