Selling Basics


Selling Online

The phrase "everything but the kitchen sink" comes to mind -- you can sell almost anything online, and find tools to help you do it more efficiently. The Web has information about auctions, marketplaces, and classified ads, and resources to help you create a successful Internet storefront. If you're new to online selling, this guide will supply you with enough tips and introductory advice to help you get started.

Selling Basics

Maybe you've finally run out of room in the garage and need to sell a few things, or you want to try your hand at an online business. Either way, the Internet can help you transition, but first, you'll have to brush up on e-commerce lingo, technologies, and technicalities. Luckily, you won't have to learn by trial and error. Web guides and blogs can familiarize you with the basics, and give you tips to help you become a better online salesperson.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Before you begin selling online, check out the FindingDulcinea Internet Security Guide. There you’ll find tips for safely dealing with sites that require credit card information and electronic exchange of funds. You can also read some safety tips from Edeposit, an online payment service.
  • If you're hesitant to start your own Internet storefront because of the time and work involved, you might consider running your online business through another company's site. For site listings of companies offering this service, see the "How can I create or enhance my business online?" section of this guide.    

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