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Gift Giving

Gift Giving: Ideas for Unusual Gifts, Cards, Shopping and More

You've got a lot of gifts to give: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, holidays and sometimes "just because." We've found the Web sites to help you with gift giving ideas, places to shop, greeting cards and tips on the best way to wrap your presents. And you don't even have to send us a thank-you note.

Gift Ideas

Many Web sites have sections that suggest gift ideas based on holiday, occasion or age and gender of the recipient. Browse our recommended sites to find unique gift ideas that will most certainly be appreciated.

Insights for Gift Ideas

  • Before you begin hunting for gift ideas, poke around for online wish lists that your recipients might have created. Such wish lists are increasingly popular and are available on many Web sites. Try typing the person's name and the words "wish list" into a search engine. Also read the "Online Wish Lists" section of this guide for ideas on sites to check out.
  • Specific return policies (for example, a 30- or 60-day window in which the product can be returned or exchanged) vary from one Web site to the next, so make sure to read the fine print before you buy. Similarly, each store has its own policies for gift cards; many diminish in value the longer they go unused.

Top Sites for Gift Ideas

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