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Bargain Hunting

Most of us are happy to save a few bucks whenever we shop, but for others, bargain hunting is a sport requiring great skill and constant vigilance. Online shopping online has opened up a new world for the obsessive deal hunter and the ordinary shopper alike. There's a huge assortment of Web sites devoted to helping you find the lowest prices and best offers from online retailers. In this guide you'll find our favorites.

Comparison Shopping

In the past, comparing prices between different retailers would have entailed calling them up or traipsing from store to store. These days, Web sites abound to spare you that tedium. Known as "shopping bots," shopping-comparison Web sites rapidly compile lists of outlets that stock the item, and the respective prices they offer.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many shopping Web sites are partnered with online retailers. As a result, they compare prices among only a limited number of stores. To make sure you really are getting the best price, use more than one shopping bot.
  • When it comes to shipping expenses, some shopping bots will add this on to the cost for you, whereas others won't. Make sure you mentally add shipping costs to the price of purchase for a true price comparison.

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