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Online Shopping Guide: Find Brand Names, Craft Ideas, Product Comparisons and More

Whether you shop out of necessity or because you enjoy it, you can probably do it better with our Online Shopping Web Guide. Find a pair of shoes exactly like the ones your favorite celebrity was wearing, locate one-of-a-kind craft items or bid on that baseball card you never got as a kid, all from the comfort of your home. The Web is fully stocked with brand-name retail shops, price- and product-comparison sites, and discounters that can save you money. Before you decide to brave the crowds at the mall, read the findingDulcinea Online Shopping Web Guide and let the Internet do the legwork for you.

Safe Online Shopping

Once you’ve mastered the technology, putting items in your virtual shopping cart is a lot ... read more »

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Online Auctions and Classifieds

At online auctions (like, buyers bid and win items or, in some cases, can choose to purchase at the “buy it now” price. Online classifieds (like craigslist) function the same way as the classifieds in the local paper. Online auctions and classifieds are great ways to get inexpensive, used or rare items, but both have limited selections.

Insights for Online Auctions and Classifieds

  • Avoid shipping costs by shopping via online classifieds in your area and picking up your purchase from a local seller.
  • Online classifieds and auctions require a lot of browsing time and need to be checked often for new listings. For greater ease and peace of mind, sign up for e-mail updates that let you know about new items or that tell you if you’re losing an auction. Or download widgets that will keep you posted on auction status (for example, the eBay Auction Countdown Timer).
  • If you’re interested in selling your own products using online auctions or classifieds, learn the basics or refine your current techniques in the findingDulcinea Selling Web Guide.

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