Reproductive System for Kids and Teachers


The Reproductive System

The reproductive system includes the organs that work together for the purpose of reproduction. The system includes internal and external organs as well as fluids, hormones and pheromones. Physicians, professors and those simply searching for basic information can all find plenty of helpful sites in this guide.

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Reproductive System Basics

If you’re a high school student who needs information for a report, a health teacher looking ... read more »

Reproductive System for Kids and Teachers

Whether you’re a middle school teacher looking for ways to present the always-touchy subject of sex education to students, or you’re a parent who’s looking for the right way to tell your curious child how babies are made, use this section to find sites that provide this information in terms that kids can relate to.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • At a time when hormones are raging, young students can turn this topic into an opportunity for comic relief in the classroom if it’s not presented in an appropriate way. If you teach health education or biology, you’ll find many ideas on the Web sites in this guide to help prevent this from happening.
  • Although most youth-oriented educational Web sites are designed so that kids can navigate them independently, the sensitive nature of this topic necessitates that an adult be present when children are surfing the sites in this section. That way, you can answer questions and discuss any issues that arise.

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Reproductive System Resources for Professionals

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