The Skeletal and Muscular Systems for Kids and Teachers


The Muscular and Skeletal Systems

The muscular system, which includes skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles, is controlled by the nervous system (except, of course, for the cardiac muscle that functions involuntarily) and is responsible for movement. Consisting of 206 bones as well as joints, cartilage and ligaments, the skeletal system provides the strong, internal framework that supports our body. This Web guide spotlights a selection of Web sites on the muscular and skeletal systems that range from the simple to the complex.

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Muscular and Skeletal System Basics

The Web sites in this section can teach you all about muscles and bones and even show you what ... read more »

The Skeletal and Muscular Systems for Kids and Teachers

For a parent whose curious child wants to know why she has to wear a cast on her arm after breaking it, or the teacher who wants to capture the attention of his class when talking about bones and muscles and marrow, we’ve provided Web sites that can help you get the job done.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Most sites include fun and fascinating facts about the muscular and skeletal systems to keep kids interested. It’s probably best for a teacher to read through and discuss the information along with the class to keep kids focused on the science rather than the “fun stuff.”

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Advanced Muscular and Skeletal System Resources

Orthopedists who need to reference information about a specific injury, med students in search of ... read more »

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