Digestive System Basics

digestive system

The Digestive System

The digestive system is a system of organs that take in food, digest it to extract energy and nutrients, and expel the remaining waste. It incorporates the excretory and urinary systems, responsible for discharging waste from the body. The Digestive System Web Guide provides the “ins and outs” of the digestive, urinary and excretory systems.

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Digestive System Basics

Forget the technical stuff: Perhaps you’re just curious about what happens to your food once you swallow it. Or what’s causing your indigestion. Use the sites below to get information on digestive system basics.

Insights for Digestive System Basics

  • Some sites rely primarily on images to impart information; others are mainly text. Depending on how your brain processes information, you probably prefer one approach over the other. Our descriptions of the sites below include mention of how each site is designed.

Top Sites for Digestive System Basics

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The Digestive System for Kids

Parents and teachers looking for information on the digestive system for kids will find plenty of tips and ideas at the sites recommended below.

Insights for the Digestive System for Kids

  • The “fun facts” that most of these sites include can be a great way to capture students’ attention when introducing new material.

Top Sites for the Digestive System for Kids

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Advanced Digestive System Resources

Get more in-depth coverage of the digestive system with these advanced digestive system resources.

Insights for Advanced Digestive System Resources

  • To assess the credibility of a site, check its source. Sites created by doctors and those affiliated with hospitals, universities and government agencies can usually be relied upon for accurate information.

Top Sites for Advanced Digestive System Resources

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