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Environmental Science

The field of environmental science strives to understand the complex systems of the natural world and the effects of human actions upon it. Use the Environmental Science Web Guide to learn the basics of environmental science and stay up to date on news and developments in the field. Students will find resources for learning about issues in environmental science, and teachers will find sites to help them teach the subject.

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Basics of Environmental Science

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Environmental Science for Kids

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Resources for Environmental Science Teachers

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Environmental Science News and Blogs

Environmental science is a fast-moving field and a hot topic in the news. There are plenty of sites devoted to the latest developments in the science, the politics and the innovations of this booming field. Here we recommend some environmental science news and blogs to keep you up to date.

Insights for Environmental Science News and Blogs

  • Many print publications put article abstracts online for free but require a paid subscription for full access. Ask the librarian at your school or university, or your employer, if they hold an institutional subscription; often this will allow you access for free.
  • Not surprisingly, the environmental science blogosphere is dominated by climate science and climate change. But that’s by no means the limit of environmental science. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, refine your search by focusing on a specific issue or region, as many environmental blogs are specialized and/or locally focused.
  • Many bloggers maintain a list of their favorite blogs in a sidebar, called a blogroll, that will lead you to similar or related blogs. This is a great way to further explore the mass of blogs far too big to list here. For more on how to find and evaluate blogs (and start your own), check out the findingDulcinea Blogs Web Guide.

Top Sites for Environmental Science News and Blogs

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Education and Career Opportunities in Environmental Science

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