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Earth Science: Unearth the Best Web Sites

Earth science, also known as geoscience, is the study of Earth as a system and all its component parts. Geophysics, oceanography, atmospheric science, geology and more all fall within its purview. There’s no need to be overwhelmed, however. Earth science inspires some of its brightest minds to share their enthusiasm and expertise online. This Earth Science Web Guide showcases the best sites to explore the sky above you and the depths beneath your feet.

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What is Earth Science?

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Earth Science in School

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Earth Science News and Blogs

Earth science is an extremely active field, with many of its fundamental discoveries having taken place in just the last few decades or even years. New developments are coming in daily. Professionals and academics in the discipline also do quite a bit of field research in often exotic locales, and they like to write about it, a lot. Below you’ll find some of the best sources for Earth science news and blogs.

Insights for Earth Science News and Blogs

  • Many print publications put article abstracts online for free, but require a paid subscription for full access. Ask the librarian at your university or your employer if they hold an institutional subscription; often this will allow free access.
  • Many bloggers maintain a list of their favorite blogs in a sidebar, called a blogroll. This is a great way to further explore the mass of blogs far too big to list here. For more on how to find and evaluate blogs (and start your own), check out the findingDulcinea Blogs Web Guide.
  • Though many of the news sites below are intended for a general audience, most of the blogs assume more than a basic knowledge of the subject. These blogs are great informal looks at the field for students and professionals, but the layperson shouldn’t expect to understand everything on them.
  • In addition to the sites featured in this section, many scientific professional organizations, foundations and institutions have their own news-tracking pages or links to resources for news in their respective fields.

Top Sites for Earth Science News and Blogs

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Earth Science Organizations

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