What is Earth Science?

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Earth Science: Unearth the Best Web Sites

Earth science, also known as geoscience, is the study of Earth as a system and all its component parts. Geophysics, oceanography, atmospheric science, geology and more all fall within its purview. There’s no need to be overwhelmed, however. Earth science inspires some of its brightest minds to share their enthusiasm and expertise online. This Earth Science Web Guide showcases the best sites to explore the sky above you and the depths beneath your feet.

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What is Earth Science?

Use the sites below to understand what Earth science is, and what its fundamental principles, assumptions and areas of focus are.

Insights for Earth Science Basics

  • Earth science is a broad arena, and many scientists in it do not call themselves “Earth scientists.” Though the term “Earth science” is a good way to describe a large group of interrelated fields, if you’re having trouble finding specific information online, try focusing on a narrower discipline, such as geology or climatology. Some of the disciplines that fall under Earth science are: Geology, Geophysics, Geodesy, Seismology, Oceanography, Meteorology/Climatology/Atmospheric Science, Planetary Science, Environmental Science and Marine Sciences.
  • Earth science overlaps quite a bit with environmental science (in fact, the distinction can be downright murky). For more information on that other study of the world around us, find your way to the findingDulcinea Environmental Science Web Guide.
  • Though you’ll rarely if ever find “Earth scientists” or “Earth science companies” in the professional world, the academic world tends to use the designation more often, and as a college major its popularity is quite substantial and growing. If you’re looking for Earth science resources beyond what we’ve included in this Web Guide, university departmental Web sites are a good bet.

Top Sites for Earth Science Basics

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