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If the Internet has as many astronomy resources as there are stars in the sky, then think of the Astronomy Web Guide as your map to the best and brightest. Whether you're looking for planetary data, celestial gifts or fellow star seekers, we'll help you navigate the heavenly sphere of astronomy-related sites and tools on the Web.

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History of Astronomy

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Astronomy Pictures

Images from outer space are among the most popular scientific artifacts today, capturing the attention and imagination of people regardless of their interest in astronomy. With the launch of major space-based telescopes in the 1990s, humans are seeing farther and clearer into the universe than ever before, and our catalog of astronomy pictures has increased exponentially. Much of this collection can be found on the Web.

Insights for Astronomy Pictures

  • Online art vendors like and have large selections of professional-grade astronomy prints that may be difficult to find elsewhere.
  • Widespread use of digital photography has made it much easier for amateur astronomers to snap and post their own pictures. Browse their Web pages to find new images.
  • If you're looking for a specific image, do a search for it on Google Images.

Top Sites for Astronomy Pictures

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