Introduction to Science

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Science Resources: Guidance for Students and Teachers

Science extends beyond classrooms and laboratories; it surrounds us always. The Internet has a vast number of science resources covering the basics of science, scientific concepts and the latest advances in our knowledge of the world.

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Introduction to Science

Has it been a while since that chemistry class you took in high school? Looking for a site that will get your kids interested in science? These sites provide an introduction to science from a variety of disciplines, and help make learning science fun and easy for people of all ages.

Insights for an Introduction to Science

  • Many children's science sites require the installation of media players. Before you let your child use one of them, review the sites and download the software in advance so that your child can enjoy the multimedia experience.
  • Most of the sites on science for kids also have sections for parents and teachers; take a look at them if you're allowed a turn at the computer.

Top Sites for an Introduction to Science

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